Facesitting scene at Men In Pain

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This guy has been an executive for years and his friends were really starting to have troubles with getting him presents for his birthday. So, they decided to give him a crazy party with one superhot femdom mistress. Bingo. He loved it. He loved every minute of it. This kinky men in pain slut stripped him tied up his cock and clamped his big balls. She then took of her latex pants and sat on his face while playing with his tied-up dick. The guy loved how she made him her bitch and how she took the matters into her own hands.

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Bound male slave strapon fucked by one of the divine bitches

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If you are into hot femdom action then you should come in here and take a look at the hottest blonde babe of all the divine bitches we have had in here as she is having fun with her submissive love slave. This young dude was looking for some femdom fun but he got in over his head as he let this mature blonde mistress have her way with him. She banged him harder than any of all the divine bitches he ever had sex with did and she liked drilling his ass more than anything else in the whole world.

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Femdom beating her tied-up slave

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If you are a fan of male bondage scenes with guys getting dominated by some crazy, kinky femdom mistresses that tie them up and give them all kinds of crazy torture techniques, then this is a scene for you. This poor dude got in over his head with this blonde insane bitch. She tied him up Jesus style and then did quite a number on him. She clamped his balls and cock, she blindfolded him, she gave him some crazy piercings and then she started beating his junk with a stick she loves to use on unfortunate guys. And boy, this motherfucker can take it.

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Tied-up male slave gets anal fucked at Men In Pain

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This guy will never get so pissed again that he doesn’t know where he is or who he’s getting into a dungeon with. Not after this night. He met this girl at the club and she seemed cute. She invited him over and he, being a guy accepted the invitation, plus he was epic drunk. Even when she took him to her basement/dungeon his alarm didn’t go off. But once this crazy blond femdom bitch tied him up with his ass in the air and jammed a three-foot pole in his tight butthole he realized what was going on. A really fantastic men in pain episode!

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The game of master and slavery is different with divine bitches

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The game of master and slaves takes a different turn when a hot black stud in chains is made to hold a glass of wine on a holder that’s in his mouth, while a white hunk is one a bed on all fours in a rather helpless position. With a collar around his neck and his hands tied together, he agreed to get involved in femdom game but didn’t realize that the blonde divine bitch has a strap on dildo and is pushing in hard from behind. femdom turns her on and watching hot guys in pain and restrained, gives one of the sexiest divine bitches around even more motivation to proceed with her master plan.

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