Divine bitches don’t use garage space for cars

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Sexy blonde loves femdom power especially when she gets to use it frequently. One of the members of the divine bitches club, she has a garage full of straps, ropes and belts that are used on guys. With a black stud spread out on a table, she bent his legs at knees, tied them together and even used little clamps to pull his balls apart. With a mouth stretcher in his mouth, she indulged in the ultimate femdom fetish by using a plastic toy on him and pushed it in his anal hole. No amount of noise he tries to make will make one of the divine bitches stop in what she’s doing.

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Femdom mistress and her big vacuum fuck machine

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If you love men in pain like this brunette babe does then you will enjoy seeing her in some femdom action in here. She first has some fun with her man who is put in male bondage and then she decides to give him some painful pleasure using a big fuck machine to pleasure his hard shaft. He is screaming out in ecstasy as she puts a flashlight around his shaft and turns on the vibration as he is moaning loudly. He is taken to heavenly heights of sexual pleasure as the femdom mistress bangs him like she never did before with this big toy.

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Ass spanking femdom mistress at Men In Pain

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Look at this amazing brunette dominatrix here and prepare to see some amazing femdom action because she loves her men obedient and submissive. She put her latest lover to some hot male bondage in her fun room and now she is going to have some fun with him as she loves men in pain the most. See her as she uses a big stick to spank his ass, making it pulsing with throbbing pain as it gets redder and redder with every next hit. She is dripping wet in no time and he is more than happy to please his femdom mistress.

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Divine bitches use the power of femdom to gain more respect

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Her husband knew that she one of the divine bitches and didn’t really mind when her saw her in their bedroom practicing femdom on her work colleague that’s bent over a bed with his legs and arms spread out and tied to a bed. Hot blonde divine bitch quickly changed out of her work clothes and put a strap on dildo on. Staying behind the work colleague, she used the femdom powers to push and probe his hot anal hole and penetrate him wild as she kissed her husband. One of the divine bitches really got her treat tonight and this femdom action will guarantee her more respect at work from her helpless colleague.

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Two femdom mistresses and her slave in hard male bondage

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These two hot babes were up for some femdom fun so they gave their friend a call to come over and engage in some hot action with them. He got there as soon as he could but he wasn’t aware that he is going to get into some hardcore male bondage because these horny bitches actually love seeing men in pain more than anything else. Soon he had his clothes taken off and he was on a strange table with his head inside a box as they were pinching him with clothespins all over his body, but he was still really aroused with the femdom action.

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